Founded in Indianapolis in 2018, Water High Creative is a design company that is inspired by the natural world.


With a love for mountains, lakes, and the open range, we take inspiration from the geometry and color present all around us.


Our Team

Portraits by Joy Lane Photography.


Brett Luce
Owner, Principal Designer

Brett graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2012. Since then, he has created compelling work for clients across the midwest. He has also volunteered for non-profits such as the Darfur Women Network and Purchased. In November of 2017, Brett joined the Board of Directors of Purchased, an Indianapolis based anti-human trafficking non-profit.

He decided to create a design company inspired by the beauty and color of the natural world.

Besides art, Brett loves hot coffee in the morning, a good book, and all things music.

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Courtney Richards
Communications Strategist

Courtney graduated with a BA degree in Sociology from Anderson University in 2014. She has since worked at Purchased, an Indianapolis based anti-human trafficking non-profit, as their Marketing and Fundraising Director. Courtney has helped a variety of organizations with social strategy, branding, and communication planning. She enjoys helping others find their voice and passion in their work.

Courtney uses her experience crafting campaigns to inform the design we create.

In her spare time, Courtney enjoys cuddling on the couch with her two pups, a good cup of coffee, and traveling to new places any chance she gets.